That one word has been my goal for nearly 4 months now. Unfortunately, it is a very broad and vague goal. I knew I wanted to change my body but the question was how? I started off well, I tracking my food because I wanted to eat healthier, then I started going to the gym because I wanted to get stronger, next I started running daily because I wanted to go farther faster, but then things started to go a different route. I started tracking my weight because I wanted to see that I was losing fat and somehow that became the goal; to lose fat.

For those of you who have fallen into the “scale trap” you know it can be very depressing. One day you are down a pound the next you are up 3. It makes no sense and can lead to some pretty desperate measures. I went from eating 1420 calories per week to barely eating 1200 (the bare minimum your body needs) because I gained 7 lbs in two weeks. It was so depressing and heart breaking when I saw my weight almost go back to where I had been at the beginning of my journey. I thought I had gone backwards, that all my hard work was ruined. All because of a number on a scale. ONE unit of measuring change.

What about the fact that I could run 4 miles straight as opposed to the 1 mile I struggled through when I started? Or the 95 lbs I could bench press as opposed to barely being able to lift the bar off of the hooks? Or even the fact that I could bike for 60 minutes straight without my butt going numb. Anyone who has ridden those bikes at the gym knows that is a huge accomplishment. I had let one thing define whether I was changing and it was the worst possible thing to choose.

It’s hard not to get trapped into the “scale trap”. Weight is the first thing we want to know in order to judge someones’ fitness. Seriously think about it. If you were to hear that someone weighed 120 lbs you would probably think they were fit and attractive. However, they could be skinny and completely out of shape. Then again you might hear that someone weighs 150 and think they are heavy yet that person might bench press 250 lbs and routinely run marathons. Why do we not about that kind of thing? Why is weight such an important unit of measure in our society?

To further bring this point home I want to share this link to an amazing story about one amazing lady who broke free from the “scale trap”. I hope her journey inspires yours.

So from now on I want my change to be defined as: miles I’m able to run, pounds I am able to lift, new things my body is able to do (I’m thinking a handstand is in my future), and how amazing I feel about what my body can do. Because those are the things that define success, not a number on a scale.

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